Admissions & Fees


All children are offered 15 hours universal funding in the term following their third birthday.  Where eligible some children will be offered 30 hours extended funding or 2 year old funding.   Places are offered by chronological age.  When over subscription applies, the following criteria is operated:

  • children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities(SEND)
  • 2 year old funded children
  • children who reside in Denham (all areas)
  • siblings of nursery children
  • out of area children by distance from home to school

Before a child is registered with the setting the provider will invite the parents/carers to an initial meeting with their child to discuss any specific needs. 


The fees are £30 a session for children aged 2 years and £28 a session for children aged 3-5 years payable half-termly.   There is a fee of £6 for lunch club where children bring a packed lunch and are supervised.  Fees must still be paid if children are absent.  If your child has to be absent over a long period of time talk to Louise Welsford (finance manager).

For your child to keep her/his place at the setting, you must pay the fees.

Providers “Stand Alone Offer”

We are in receipt of Universal funding of 15 hours per week over 38 weeks per year for all 3/4 year olds. (Applicable the term after their third birthday.) 
We also are in receipt of Extended funding of 30 hours per week for 3/4 if eligible.  Parents must provide their eligibility code.

Parents can check if they are eligible for free childcare at

We are also in receipt of 2 year old funding of 15 hours per week the term after their 2nd Birthday where eligible. Parents must provide their eligibility entitlement and code letter to claim the funding.

Parents/Carers may use a maximum of 2 sites in a single day to access the free entitlement. 
Parents/Carers must sign a parent provider agreement and this is a contract for the minimum of one term and a maximum of one year.
Parents/Carers must give notice to leave half-termly.

Please note there are no retainer/registration fees for Universal or extended free entitlement places.

The setting may ask for voluntary contributions towards consumables such as fruit, paint, paper and resources from time to time. 

Come Visit Us

Visits to Denham Woodlands Nursery are available by appointment
at either 10am or 1pm on a Friday.